Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Anti Corruption Movement

The most popular figure for two weeks- Anna, because 1. Media covered powerfully. 2. Anna was Gandhian(non-violent movement), 3. Anna drew support of prominent figures like Arvind Kejriwal(former IRS), Kiran Bedi(former IPS), Shanti Bhushn(ex CJI), Prashant Bhushan(eminent lawer), etc. 4. Anna s character was sublime, 5 (the most important) Movement aspired to eradicate a menace which is suffered by innumerable Indians irrespective of caste, religion or community and which is pertinent after 60 years of Political Independence.
It is widely known to everyone the key points of various version of Lokpal draft. I have opinion which is more close to Lokpal version presented by Aruna Roy. It was most debated that Lokpal should not be made superpowerful otherwise there is risk of being Lokpal itself corrupt. She kept Judiciary away from ambit of Lokpal and proposed judicial accountability Bill separately.

I believe no form is fully perfect. It must be developed progressively by trial and error. The constitution makers gave a trial which after 60 years of working pointed out major error in form of loopholes for corrupts. We Indians must give another trial in whatever form we believe the best suited and expect another round of correction.
We send our MPs and MLAs to represent ourselves and hope them to work in our interest. They argue that Parliament is supreme (Indeed they want to say Parliamentarians are the supreme). Parliament represents the interest of people at large. What if Parliamentarians do not work in the interest of people? The movement supported by large population represents the interests of people of not only those who are actively participating but also of those who preferred to pursue their interest in other daily works, and who(- the masses) are not aware of their interest in corruption free society.

Electoral Representation in our system assumes that people are aware of their interests and they will elect those who keep their interest. But this assumption is flawed. This is reason behind the support for Anna movement which came only from educated class.
True representation:
Although the fraction of our population participating proactively into the movement was too low, it is widely accepted that people’s sentiment to get rid of corruption was strong. I was traveling in auto, when traffic personnel were seen away and inactive in disposing the jammed lane, he articulated Anna with his support in his voice. I was on call to my relative near my village, whole family enquired about me participating in the movement. This surprised me as there is no means of communication of daily news like TV, newspaper, etc.

They might not be able to think pros and cons of the bill, but failure of our representative parliamentary system is known by all. They know that they are fooled in elections and have no right to demand their interest till the next election. Does representative democracy only mean to elect a so called “suitable candidate”? Do they not have right to ask them to be accountable to them till 5 years?
Lokpal Impeachment:
It is tested that after Election Commission was made independent, it has worked exemplarily. The top section of our judiciary (Supreme Court) has remained accountable, transparent and just (as most of us believe). On the same lines Lokpal, I believe, is far less likely to be corrupt. We can afford to give it a chance. It always remains in light of educated people, thinkers and Media.

Let us expect sooner or later an effective bill is introduced into our “Constitution”. We expect one more progress in making of our public order. Ministers say parliament is supreme whether is working for our people or not. Our preamble, the soul of our constitution lay emphasis on “We the people of India..” Isn t there a divergence?

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Independence day

Happy independence day!!
Once more lets wish each other happy, prosperous and wealthy life. Celebrate the moment in remembrance of what we have been enjoying today, had been imagined and worked out by the legends. We enjoy freedom of ideas and believes, expression, religion, etc. These are still enjoyed by us, but every generation has to bring a new kind of freedom which is the demand of the time. The freedom we had got, have we been able to distribute it equally to our fellow countrymen? This is the question to be asked by the past legends.

Capitalism divides the rich and poor and exploits man from a man, no doubt, and capitalistic society have now become inevitable. Its not only matter of choosing between socialism or capitalism or any such other ideologies, but to explore the possible ways to distribute the resources and individuality of Indianhood in more indiscriminate manner.

Education system has remained to be the mainstream subject of contemplation despite advancement in the higher education system. Conditions of lower classes are still pathetic.
Almost all school kids and forced to stay in schools and subjected to the fate of irresponsible teachers. Private schools are no good in rural areas.

Once I happened to visit a Senior secondary school nearby a year ago. I wished to know about the students urge in study and teachers awareness and spirit in teaching. After inquiring few students, I realised that there are few students who wanted to know the path of success but they find nobody to guide them. No task can be accomplished without an inspiration.

I came to know that teachers, the future makers, rarely come to classes. Those who come have got abysmal kind of training as they read the books and make students copy without even sparing a small attempt to understand what they are going through. They have been doing it for several years. Few students who mug up score well. But they are confused thereafter what to do next.

The option of taking maths and doing engineering is the predominant and popular option (or compulsiveness). There is at least some hope in it whereas other areas are not utilised despite being good. Economics has been in demand much more than it was before. In industrial era too there can be other paths also which can be harnessed well if students coming out of schools and colleges are counseled properly.

I wish the new generation takes up the tasks which have been remained and have been newly developed for the sake of new and fresh freedom.

Saturday, June 13, 2009


Its very sad that students coming out of the schools which stress on value system, have become like parrots. As long as you keep them entrapped you can hear them pronouncing anything you want but the moment you release them they no longer do that. They got up early, took bath, prayed, studied regularly, etc. over all remained disciplined at ease. Weren't they?

But what happens when they are released from the cage? They forget everything. What is the reason?

If they have been taught to value the values and have been made to feel proud of what they did, they had got strong belief and had pursued throughout their life firm and unmoved by the disturbances. If they were made aware that the ways in which those cultivated habits were going to help them and developing character in future life, they would not have deserted them. They should have been made to feel dignity and self-respect in following those discipline.

In hard times character is tested. Life gives enough opportunities for a thoughtful person to explore the best way to live a life. Many in past have done that and reached the same conclusion.

"Degradation of India took place not because of religion but because the life-giving spiritual principles of religion had not been properly applied in practical life"- Swami Vivekananda. Therefore it is necessary to teach the value of values nurtured and give a meaning to the practices. When they gain the strength to stand on their own feet, release them slowly to flourish in dignity.

"Intelligence plus character--that is the goal of true education."
Martin Luther King, Jr.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Carrying Modi's Stain

A prompt decision was taken to allocate the land for an industrial development in Gujarat. Nano-plant of Tata was being demanded by many states for it to be established for cause of many like generating a huge employment, revenue, infrastructure, etc. Gujarat government turned out swifter than other states to provide land and secured a reputation in midst of uncertainties across different states. This was another step by Modi in development of Gujarat in a new direction of industrialization.

Before this new approach, Modi has earned fame in his way of governance in reform policies that lead Gujarat to grow with the rate of around 10 percent. Agricultural growth marks as high as 10 percent against overall India’s 3-4 percents. From the revenue deficit in 2001-02 the state has recorded a surplus in 2006-07. It has become a leading industrial and progressive State in the country. Gujarat alone pays 27% tax of India.

But all these facts are sidelined on the basis of just one event that blotted Modi s image forever and he became notorious overnight across the globe. Now he is denied visa in United States and termed as terrorist by US on the ground that he violated human rights in Godhara violence. He is being presented by “secular” media a victim of sarcasm every now and then like an orthodox looks ingress of inevitable western cultural endemic from cornered eyes.

Although arguments and facts of both sides of coin are true, why not let us move ahead in present and prepare for future and leave the past to fade. No doubt Mr. Modi violated the human rights and took an abysmal decision in the heat of the moment. His decision claimed lives of many innocents and left many homeless. He allowed the Hindu fundamentalists to punish the innocents in response of the communal killings by minorities. He could have taken a judicious decision to control the situation. But he was carried away with the sentiments in favour of Hindus which followed him unconsciously after serving RSS many years.

It is human nature to be attached with something which has been served by someone. A mother cannot see fate of her children even if she is estranged by them after been brought up. Many people around us are preoccupied by an opinion and it takes a long time after a lot of reasoning to erase the presumption. Like Modi media is also preoccupied.

Hatred can not be triumphed by confrontation rather it can only be cured. Let us cure the hatred instead getting carried away by the sentiments of anti-… from protests and campaign of communities and media.

Friday, October 5, 2007


Earlier I pondered on why the farmers are getting disappointed day by day at many places in our country. What could be the solutions for them? Let me now talk not about policies that ought to be brought into and legislations to be implemented actively for the farmers.Here I am going to propose some engineering solutions which could be helpful to them.
Transportation: Lack of good quality road network in our country is causing stagnation of food products grown in remote lands to be mobilized to region where they are consumable more.To tackle this, slow moving heavy carriage vehicles should be provided a separate lane as designing highways. This would increase the efficiency of fast moving vehicles also. This lane may not be smooth but must be rigid.
Petroleum independence:Soring prices of petroleum products are curse to farmers as they use diesel in ploughing as well as in irrigation.Pathetic are the places where electricity is yet in the dark of hope.
Canal irrigation system would be spread tremendously if interlinking of rivers across north to south is brought in. With this huge project, 35 million hectare of land would be made cultivable(total 173 million hectare). This is also expected to generate power of 35000 MW by hydroelectric power generation method which could replace power generation system generating power from non-renewable sources leading huge cut in environmental impact.But unfortunately the cost of this project is enormous. National Water Development Agency has projected its cost in 2002 around $112 billion which constitutes 20% of our current GDP.This step might be taken if there is determination to raise the majority population.
Another solution to reduce the input cost in harvesting may be to reduce the evaporation loss of water from root zone of soil.In sandy soil water consumption is too high to grow all kinds of crops.Water evaporates easily as well as drains down into below strata.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Farmers and Farm Land Endangered:Conserve Them

We all know that how much food and water is essential for our survival.Food, shelter and clothing are the three basic needs of human being at all part of globe and since oldest history of it. Other needs in present scenario are health, education, security, justice, etc. which are secondary.Our basic needs are still the same. Moreover, among our three of our basic needs the most important is food.We all are aware that without others survival is possible by some way but without food it can not be imagined.
Water is equally important for our survival as is food.But since we utilize water directly in form in which nature provide us and food provided by nature in some form has to undergo a series of processes(grow crop,extract grains from it and then cook) before it is edible,we must have consider about the food materials significantly.We must plan intelligently to supply food continuously as population growth and lack of farm land are some of the hindering factors which governs it.
Gradually food is becoming scarce which must be major concern and necessary steps must be taken up to avoid and stop starvation in future.Main factors which can be thought to be the reasons are following:
Population growth: This is very famous problem that we are facing in India.It has shown its multi-dimensional demonic effects and that is the reason we are much familiar with this term.In last five to six decades population of India has grown up to more than two times which reveals its malignant face and consequences.Growth of population demands increased food supply which is impossible from same area of farm lands unless effective and very high yielding seeds are developed.High yielding seeds can help us for some more time but it is too not long lasting.
Mobilization of food materials: Government polities are not encouraging to farmers which can bind them in farming. Expenses used in growing a crop from ploughing, irrigation to reaping are not overcomed by output obtained.Government is not able to create such situation for markets to mobilize crop products and dispose at deserving place.One part of country grows and there is abundant amount of some corn or cereal as a result price goes down there and harvester suffers loss.Whether other part of the country is unable to grow that corn because of geological and weather conditions aftereffect that part does not receive it due to which cost there is high.
Decreasing land farms:Farm lands are decreasing day by day because of two reasons.One is population growth and other increasing industries. Increased population occupies agricultural land in housing irrespective of whether the land used is fertile or not.Policy of allocation and acquisition of land for infrastructure development blindly followed and termed as development of nation.When a road or industry is decided to be made land around it happens to be in great demand for housing and marketing immediately.
Statistics show our economy is growing at very fast rate.Experts in this area are successful to allure the experts in government and in media that high contribution of industrial sector and infrastructure in GDP rise is enough for the nation to develop and this type of development is adequate.There is no need to look at rate at which agricultural sector is growing(4% compared to 9% GDP rate).Land acquisition for special economic zones(SEZs), TATA industries in West Bengal, increase in dam height on river Narmada in Maharashtra (resulting area of reservoir to increase capturing a very fertile land), etc. are the examples of inertness of government on this very important subject.
Suppose everybody in the world becomes millionaire or billionaire, how long this would have importance if there is starvation which can arise due to lack of farm land and food despite of that prosperity?If a country 's polity is such that it emphasizes on only economic growth and prosperity,wants to buy food materials from another country, how long can it be driven?That will make it totally dependent on others which will lead to disaster some day.
We must recall our basic form of civilization by giving much attention and importance to agriculture which is very much suited in this conditions.We must never become dependent on others for food.In last few decades India had made developments in science and technology and has used it in creating commodities which are secondary needs for life.Now we must take a turn and use it in development of our primary need.Agriculture sector is the area which has been awaited and neglected since long time.